Water Management

Water, a resource valued by our men

At REMONDIS, water management is a core activity centered on ensuring the quality and optimizing the use of this invaluable resource. We specialize in water treatment for domestic, urban, private, and industrial purposes.

We offer extensive experience in the design, dimensioning, construction, operation and maintenance and management of water supply and treatment systems and facilities.


At REMONDIS, we specialize in circular economy solutions within the water cycle. From drinking water treatment and process optimization to product solutions, as well as wastewater purification and reuse, we deploy advanced technologies tailored to meet specific conditions in each case. 
REMONDIS supports a multitude of projects and services across various industrial sectors, including agri-food and beverages, chemical and pharmaceutical, automotive, paper, gas and oil, among many others.


REMONDIS has a long track record in the public sector, collaborating with Public Administrations in the design, development, financing through concessions, and service management.

At REMONDIS, we bring a great deal of experience in water supply, sanitation, purification and reuse networks and plants.


REMONDIS, a pioneering force in national private sector wastewater treatment systems, has evolved to offer cutting-edge global water management solutions with a dedicated emphasis on the circular economy. 
Within the private sector, our clientele extends across diverse industries, encompassing golf courses, hotels, campsites, leisure centers, logistics and transport centers, urbanizations, and more.

Range of Water Management services:




At REMONDIS we provide all the water management services that companies, public and private entities and citizens need.

In the industrial sector we supply water for various points of consumption guaranteeing the quality, and working with the goal of Zero Waste.

In the public sector we collect, purify and distribute drinking water. As well as, we purify and treat water for reuse to protect the environment.


cubic meters of drinking water every year


km of water supply networks


water treatment plants

Water management services

Potable water

Water capture for consumption

  • Financing, construction, maintenance and operation of wells and installations for the collection of underground and surface water.
  • Operation of networks and complementary services.

Drinking water

  • Financing, design and construction of water treatment plants for consumption.
  • Operation and maintenance and water treatment plants for consumption.
  • Supervision and control of drinking water quality
  • Development of innovative processes to reliably control the quality of drinking water (SensaGuard).


  • Operation of networks and complementary services.
  • Home supply service.
  • Leakage control.


  • Digitization and integrated management of supply systems.
  • Actions for expansion and improvement, on the basis of forecasts, in supply networks, catchment stations and dams.
  • Subscriber management and consumption measurement.

Waste water

Waste water treatment

  • Financing, design and construction of wastewater and rainwater treatment plants.
  • Operation and maintenance and waste water treatment plants.
  • Implementation of solutions for reuse of treated waste water.
  • Supervision and control of drinking water quality, also online with the help of biosensors.

Sanitation networks

  • Inspection and maintenance of privately owned sewer systems.
  • Operation of the networks and complementary elements.
  • Cleaning and emptying; mobile waste disposal services.


  • Digitization and integrated management of sanitation and purification systems.
  • Management of the reuse of purified water.
  • Management of fees and charges.
  • Carrying out actions for the expansion and improvement of sanitation networks and treatment facilities, based on specific forecast.
  • Energy recovery and resource protection through the recycling of sewage sludge

Industrial waters

Process water

  • Solutions for water supply for process, for product, or for auxiliary facilities, according to the requirements.
  • Financing, design and construction of water treatment plants.
  • Operation and maintenance and water treatment plants.
  • Closed circuits.


  • Tailored solutions for wastewater treatment, designed to meet sector-specific and production process requirements.
  • Innovative approaches to recycling and water reuse solutions, we are committed to achieving Zero Discharge


  • Digitalization and integrated system management; Smart Industry.
  • Automation and process control.

Industrial services

  • Operational management support.
  • Specialized maintenance for water treatment facilities.
  • Specialized services for media and fill replacements (resins, membranes…).
  • Supply of spare parts and chemicals.
  • Laboratory analysis and process tests (respirometry, piloting, jar tests…).
  • Management assistance with public administrations.

Water for consumption

Water capture for consumption

In REMONDIS we offer our experience and resources in the collection of water for consumption.

Drinking water

The potability of water for consumption is a big commitment to guarantee the supply with the required quality, a commitment in which REMONDIS feels fully involved.


At REMONDIS we get involved in management.

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