Management: Waste water treatment plants Consell Comarcal del Pla de l’Estany

OMS SACEDE SAU A new operation and maintenance contract with initiation date November 1st 2019, was signed with Consell Comarcal del Pla de l’Estany. The contract includes its sanitation systems, namely the WWTP of Terri, Serinyà, Vilademuls-Vilafreser and Sant Esteve de Guialbes-Els Prats.

OMS SACEDE has been operating the Terri and Serinyà plants since April 2005.




Construction: Installation in Juncà Gelatines.

OMS SACEDE SAU In October 2019, REMONDIS Iberia signed a contract with Juncà Gelatines to expand the treatment plant and operate it.

Juncà Gelatines is a manufacturer of gelatin and collagen hydrolysate for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Juncà Gelatines plans to increase its production in the coming years, so it needed a new solution for the wastewater treatment.




Construction: Expansion and improvement of the WWTP Pobla de Mafumet.

OMS SACEDE SAU OMS-SACEDE in UTE with the company CONSTÈCNIA won the tender for the extension and improvement of the WWTP in La Pobla de Mafumet (Tarragona) by the Agència Catalana de l'Aigua.

The works will begin in September 2019.




Management: Maintenance of the sludge treatment plant of Montornès del Vallès.

OMS SACEDE SAU In June 2019 a new operation and maintenance contract for the plant of Montornès del Vallés was signed with the Agència Catalana de l’Aigua.

OMS SACEDE has been managing the plant already since December 2008.




Management: Waste water treatment plants Baix Penedès.

OMS SACEDE SAU The Consell Comarcal del Baix Penedès awarded to OMS SACEDE the operation and maintenance contract of the sanitation systems of Cunit-Cubelles, l’Arboç, Bellvei, Bonastre, Llorenç del Penedès, Sant Jaume dels Domenys and the pumping station of Vendrell coast.

The works began in March 2019 and include 8 treatment plants and 20 pumps.




Management: Sanitation Systems of the Right Bank of the Segura River.

OMS SACEDE SAU The Entitat de Sanejament d’Aigües of the Valencian Community (EPSAR) awarded a new contract for the maintenance of the waste water treatment plants of the right bank of the Segura River (Alicante) to the UTE formed by the companies OMS-SACEDE and CESMED AMBIENTAL.

The treatment plants that are included in this contract are Bigastro-Jacarilla and Algorfa-Benejuzar. The start of the contract is October 1st 2019.





OMS SACEDE SAU On 27th February 2018 the Municipality of La Selva del Camp awarded the construction contract “NEW WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT OF LA SELVA DEL CAMP” to the Joint Venture OMS-SACEDE & CONSTÈCNIA.

As it was published on “The Project for the new waste water treatment plant of La Selva is ready to be executed after the signature of the construction agreement between the Municipality and the Joint Veture integrated by Constècnia 3 and OMS Sacede, winners of the tender”.


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The future, our commitment.

OMS SACEDE SAU OMS-SACEDE has a firm commitment to the future, whose starting point is the OMS-SACEDE team’s formation as well as trainees. Training is a common and continuous activity in OMS-SACEDE, and some of them finishing their traineeship working with us. OMS-SACEDE is also involved in education sessions for children to introduce them basic concepts that prepare them to a greater environmental sensitivity.

The last session took place last May 16th at the Joan Miró primary school from Barcelona. It was for 4th grade students resulting a fantastic and enthusiastic reception by students and teachers.



OMS-SACEDE Renews and modernizes its image.

LOGO: OMS-SACEDE SAU Since May 2017, WHO-SACEDE has started the implementation of its new image, which is adapted to the REMONDIS Group corporate. New image that is more visible in the new logo of the company, with a current and modern line in correlation to a constant evolution and innovation in the service to our customers.



EL CATLLAR WWTP inaguration.

Edar El Catllar Last April 24th, Josep Rull, the Minister of Territory and Sustainability and Carles Mundó, Minister of Justice among other authorities inaugurated the new El Catllar WWTP, executed by OMS-SACEDE, SAU.

This WWTP, which serves 5,543 inhabitants, is a biological treatment plant with 1,000 cubic meters per day of capacity. Besides to serving a prison, it treats wastewater from the western sector of Catllar municipality as 11 residential complexes.

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Depuradora Porrera On 21 January, the Minister of Planning and Sustainability, Josep Rull, with the mayor of Porrera Jonàs Macip, the delegate of the Government in Tarragona, Òscar Peris, president of the Regional Council of the Priorat Joan Carles Garcia and the director of the Catalan Water Agency (ACA), Jordi Agustí, among other authorities, inaugurated the new Porrera WWTP, executed by OMS SACEDE, SAU, the sixteenth plant to get into operation in Priorat region.

This installation serves 465 inhabitants, it is a biological treatment plant with trickling-filter with a treatment capacity of 215 m3/day. It has also built a network of sewage (tubes that collect wastewater from the municipal sewer to the wastewater treatment plant) of about 500 meters length. Its performance also helps to improve the environmental quality of the Siurana river basin, specifically Cortiella River.



25 years of dedication to OMS-SACEDE.

OMS-SACECE SAU Last December 15th, OMS-SACEDE celebrated an act of recognition in Barcelona to the 25 years of work for some workers in the company. It was a nice occasion to remember successes and memories of all this time.

The Managing Director of OMS-SACEDE, Mr. Daniel Martínez beside Directors from REMONDIS Group Dr. Dirk Wittenber, Mr. Jens Meier-KoldT and Dr-Ing. Martin Lebek, wanted to be present and express their recognition of commitment and dedication of these people, as well as their confidence in those who are incorporated and those who have been part of OMS-SACEDE for years.

Congratulations! We hope to celebrate this 25 years anniversary soon with those who are already close to.



Inauguration of THE EDAR FERRERIES.

Depuradora: Ferreries On November 9, the Minister of Environment, Vicenç Vidal, inaugurated the new Wastewater Treatment Plant Ferreries which is operated by OMS-SACEDE, SAU through a joint venture with the Menorcan construction company JUAN MORA, SA. The visit was also attended by the Manager of Abaqua, Antoni Garcías, President of the Consell Maite Salord, and the Mayor of the municipality, Josep Carreres.

The facility provides service to 7,300 inhabitants, more than twice as much as with the previous lagoon system, which had become obsolete due to the requirements of the locality. The new plant is the first phase within a larger project, which will include a tertiary treatment for reuse of treated water.

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Presentation of REMONDIS TetraPhos® in Valencia.

Presentació: REMONDIS TETRAPHOS OMS-SACEDE has presented the REMONDIS TetraPhos® process within the event NEW TECHNOLOGIES APPLIED TO THE SECTOR OF WASTEWATER TREATMENT, which took place on 3 November in Valencia. That process has been awarded with the GreenTec Awards 2016 in the category Recycling & Resources. The prize was granted at the international trade fair IFAT in Munich.

The event, organized by the ENTITAT DE SANEJAMENT D'AIGÜES, UNIVERSITAT POLITÈCNICA DE VALÈNCIA and UNIVERSITAT DE VALÈNCIA, was opened by Hble. Ms. Elena Cebrian, Minister of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development and by the President of the UPV, President Mgfc. Francisco José Mora Mas. Numerous professionals of the sector participated.

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Two new industrial sector contracts.

LOGO: OMS-SACEDE SAU OMS-SACEDE, as an industrial service company, has signed two new contracts in September.

We will execute the remodeling and extension of the industrial wastewater treatment of the company SERMASA in Toledo in order to increase the capacity of biological treatment and to face nutrient removal.

For the company AVIFOOD in Tarragona we will build the factory sewage treatment plant containing integrated water processing lines (physic – chemical - biological process with nutrient removal) and sewage sludge treatment.

These new contracts are the result of the confidence that the companies have in OMS-SACEDE. That trust is built throughout the years on the demonstrated capacity and experience.



OMS SACEDE presents the 500th wastewater treatment plant of the Catalonia Sanitation Plan.

Depuradora: Capçanes The President of the Generality, Carles Puigdemont, opened on July 16 2016 the treatment plant Capçanes (Priorat), which is the 500th plant of the Sanitation Plan of Catalonia. That guarantee the wastewater disposal of 97% of the Catalan population.
In OMS-SACEDE, we are very delighted, that it has been precisely one of the treatment plants built by us, within the contract PSARU Ebro, which has the honour to represent the great effort of the sanitation development in Catalonia.



Management: WasteWater treatment plant of La Riera de La Bisbal, El Vendrell.

Depuradora: El Vendrell The Catalan Water Agency (Agència Catalana de l’Aigua-ACA) awarded to OMS-SACEDE the contract for the operational management, conservation, maintenance and improvement of the sanitation system of RIERA DE LA BISBAL (EL VENDRELL), for a period of four years, extendable for two years, starting on January 1, 2016.



Construction: WasteWater treatment plant of El Catllar.

Depuradora: El Catllar 18 December 2015, OMS-SACEDE as part of a joint venture has been awarded to execute the construction project of the water treatment plant in the municipality of Catllar, system 1 and system 2. The contract period is twelve months for the construction of the plant and twelve months for the exploitation of the first year warranty, extendable for one year.
The work consists of the construction of two new sewage treatment plants (EDAR 1 and EDAR 2) which will process water from the sanitation collectors on the level of two different points in Catllar, including the penitentiary center of Mas d' Enric. These actions have a clear objective: to enable the outflow and treatment of sewage discharged in the district of Catllar by attaining the necessary degree of purification to meet the limits required by the legal regulation for its discharge to public waterways.



Management: Sludge treatment plant of Montornès.

Montornès del Vallès OMS - SACEDE will continue the management of the sludge treatment plant of Montornès. The new contract, signed in June 2015 and valid until June 2016, corresponds to the exploitation, conservation and maintenance of the plant for the efficient heat treatment of sludge in the industrial water treatment plant of Montornès del Vallés, under the administration of the Catalan Water Agency-ACA.



Management: Wastewater treatment plant Binéfar.

Depuradora: Binéfar The maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant in Huesca, belonging to the “Instituto Aragonés del Aqua“, will remain carried by OMS-SACEDE, thanks to the second extension of original contract signed on May, 2010. The maintenance works will finish in May, 2016.



Management: Wastewater treatment plant of Banyoles and Serinyà.

Depuradora: Banyoles i Serinyà On the 31st of December of 2013, a new contract with the “Consell comarcal del Pla de L’Estany” was signed. The contract is an extension of the agreement that was set in April, 2005 that commissioned OMS-SACEDE to operate and maintain the wastewater treatment plants of Banyoles and Serinya. Now OMS-SACEDE will operate and maintain these facilities for a period of 3 years, which can be extended up to 5 years more.
The new operation contract has entered into force at the beginning of this year.



Management: Wastewater treatment plant of Miranda de Ebro.

Miranda de Ebro In December, 2013 a new contract for operation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant of Miranda de Ebro and its pumping stations was officially signed in the city hall of Miranda de Ebro in the presence of the honorable Mayor and the City Hall secretary.
The contract entered into force at the beginning of 2014, for a period of 4 years and the possibility of an extension of 2 years.
As agreed with the city council, OMS-SACEDEs principal tasks are to improve the energy efficiency of the facilities and to update the control system for the discharge of wastewater into the sewage network.



Construction: New wastewater treatment plant Ferreries in T.M. Ferreries (Menorca).

Obras de la Nova Edar de Ferreies, T.M. Ferreries, Menorca The 2nd of December of 2013, the Joint-Venture formed by OMS-SACEDE, S.A.U. and JUAN MORA,S.A., signed a contract with the "AGENCIA BALEAR DEL AGUA I QUALITAT AMBIENTAL" for the construction of the new wastewater treatment plant in Ferreries (Menorca). The execution budget is 2.447.622€ (VAT excluded) and the construction period will last 18 months.