REMONDIS in Spain, new organization

June 2020

Remondis The REMONDIS Group consolidates its commitment to the Spanish market, especially by offering new services and solutions.

As of June 2020, the company for water management in Spain which has been called OMS-SACEDE S.A.U. for more than 10 years, changes its name to REMONDIS AGUA S.A.U., keeping the same CIF A08593345.

For its part, the parent company of the activities in Spain becomes REMONDIS IBERIA S.L., with CIF B84999325.

The REMONDIS Group offers comprehensive environmental services in the management of processes, water and waste.

We would like to thank all our clients for their trust and loyalty and respond with a strong, service-oriented and innovation-based involvement.


May 2020

With responsibility and commitment, we commit to maintain our activity by providing services that are essential for everyone.

The priority, above all, is the safety and health of those who are part of this company, as well as of our clients and partners, while we are committed to continuously carry out those activities that are basic and strategic for the society.

In our case, these are the provision of public and private services; water and waste treatment, sanitation and water purification and energy production services.

Both, those who carry out these services directly at the sites, as well as those who support and guide them via telework, have demonstrated their total involvement and willingness to give their best under the given circumstances.

We want to thank all who are working for the common good, for their commendable work and effort: healthcare personnel, security forces, producers and distributors of essential resources and services. To all of them, our thanks and also our firm will to collaborate in order to achieve the best within our power.

Daniel Martínez
Director General

Fields of activity

REMONDIS provides a wide experience in project development and in the management of infrastructures related to the treatment of wastewater, waste and energy.