Circular economy

Circular economy the challenge of the future

Circular economy seeks to address environmental and economic problems, such as the scarcity of natural resources, increased waste and environmental degradation.

At REMONDIS we contribute to maximizing efficiency in the use of natural resources, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of products.

Based mainly on sustainable design, reuse, repair, and recycling and recovery of materials.

Raw materials and resources

The key to the circular economy is the responsible and sustainable use of raw materials and resources.

At REMONDIS, our commitment involves the conscientious development and implementation of solutions and technologies aimed at optimizing your consumption.

Materials recovery

For REMONDIS, valorization is a key factor in the responsible management of resources.

In this sense we work to give a new life to waste, generating new quality and sustainable products, with the challenge set on zero waste.


At REMONDIS we strive to give a second life to waste, with the aim of contributing to the circular economy while promoting pollution reduction, energy efficiency and economic savings.

Alternative energies

At REMONDIS we are fully involved in the development and implementation of sustainable energy solutions.

We work on sustainable energy sources as well as on the energy valuation of waste, by-products and materials, as actors committed to reducing the carbon footprint.

Range of services:


tons per year of processed products to obtain raw materials


Ton of CO2 saved per year



Development and innovation

Development and innovation are assets for REMONDIS, who’s working to create new solutions and optimize processes. Proof of this great capacity for innovation is Tetraphos®, which represents a milestone in the recovery of phosphorus from sewage sludge.

Engineering and construction

REMONDIS leverages extensive experience in project management, specializing in the implementation of cutting-edge technical and economic solutions aligned with the principles of the circular economy. Our in-house engineering team is dedicated to crafting and executing bespoke solutions tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. Whether constructing new infrastructure or undertaking the renovation and expansion of existing facilities, REMONDIS consistently delivers results. With robust financial capabilities, we provide clients with the opportunity to actively participate in their projects, ensuring collaborative success.

Facilities management & services

At REMONDIS, our focus revolves around delivering comprehensive services for the management, operation, and maintenance of diverse infrastructure types, including:

  • Water treatment plants for supply, process, product, waste and reuse.
  • Waste treatment plants, anaerobic digestion, thermal drying, composting…
  • Supply and sanitation networks.
  • Solar energy production facilities, biogas and biomethane plants, cogeneration…
  • Rate and subscriber management.


At REMONDIS, we consider digitalization as a cornerstone for the integrated management of processes and facilities, contributing to the advancement of the circular economy. Operating across various scales, we specialize in implementing solutions designed to establish Smart City/Smart Industry platforms.

Resource management

At REMONDIS, our profound expertise in resource management is essential to enhance, efficient utilization and optimizing consumption. Recognizing the constraints of time and space regarding the availability of raw materials, water, and energy, we proactively work towards implementing ideal solutions that foster responsible consumption.

Waste Management and Recovery

REMONDIS has waste treatment and recovery plants across multiple countries. In Spain, among our facilities, we specifically manage composting plants that produce compost of high agronomic value.

Analytical / laboratory control

REMONDIS houses a dedicated laboratory specializing in water and sludge analysis, providing crucial support for the management of treatment plants. Moreover, we possess the capability to conduct comprehensive tests on water and sludge treatment processes, including respiratory measurements to assess these procedures. This specific aspect falls under the purview of CIM AIGUA, a company within our group that specializes in these services. CIM AIGUA

Management assistance

Thanks to the extensive experience of all REMONDIS staff, we offer our clients management assistance services in the management of treatment plants, as well as in regulated document management.

Maintenance and spare parts

At REMONDIS we have teams specialized in the maintenance of industrial facilities, with which we can respond to the needs of our clients.

We have the service of supplying spare parts and specific chemical products for use in water treatment facilities.

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