Abrera Water treatment and management is one of our main activities. We are specialists in industrial and urban wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment and in the reutilization of treated water.
We can offer a wide experience concerning the design of facilities and their construction, operation and maintenance.

REMONDIS provides solutions for the implementation of a circular economy of water consumption. through waste water traetmetn solutions, including for the use in food products, as well as for the supply, purification and reuse of water.
There are many projects and services from numerous industrial sectors that shape our portfolio.

REMONDIS has a long history in the public sector, collaborating with administrations in the fields of designing, developing, financing and managing services.
In the field of WATER, we bring an extensive experience in networks and plants for the supply, sanitation, purification and reuse of treated water.

REMONDIS has always been a pioneer in the development of wastewater treatment systems in the national private sector, offering nowadays solutions for global water management, focused on the circular economy.
In the private sector we have numerous clients such as:

  • Logistics and transportation centers
  • Hotel and leisure centers
  • Housing complexes